Continuing Education and Technical Abilities:

Weekly seminars by vendors held at CGLS keep our staff up-to-date on the latest products and applications. "Lunch and learns" provide valued CEU's throughout the year so there is no last minute scrambling for employees to complete their unit requirements.

CGLS is committed to using the most up-to-date technology for design and documentation. Our subscription with Autodesk keeps us on the cutting edge of BIM software technology. We are currently utilizing AutoCAD Architectural Desk Top as our primary drawing tool. We provide weekly computer training sessions to make sure our staff is current with the latest version of AutoCAD. Training sessions provide a venue where the architectural staff can discuss its accomplishments and concerns regarding the software. Topics for these sessions are determined by our staff and presented as an interactive discussion with the trainer.

CGLS also embraces the most up-to-date 3-D modeling software. As an integral part of the design process, Form Z, Sketch Up, and Viz are used to develop concept models that act as a medium for communication. Ideas can be explored and issues discovered before CDs are even begun. Colored presentations illustrate to the design team as well as the clients the overall intent for each project.