CGLS Architects has successfully completed a variety of educational projects using various delivery methods including traditional Design-Bid-Build, CM at Risk, Design/Build and have worked with Owner's Reps, Program Managers and Construction Managers. The key to our success is communication and understanding and addressing the owners' needs with a creative and functional design solution, all the while maintaining consideration of the schedule and budget. We bring to life vital, responsible and memorable design solutions to meet whatever delivery method is selected.

We believe that open communication leads to quality design and quality assurance. The CGLS team takes a "hands on" approach to ensure project success. We establish clear communication channels with all team members to avoid potential problems. All meetings and discussions are thoroughly documented allowing all appropriate parties to review and confirm decisions made. In addition, while preparing "traditional" architectural drawings for each phase, we also develop drawings and presentations, which convey design decisions artistically, helping you to visualize your building comprehensively in the early stages of the process. This allows greater feedback on your part, enabling our team to further interpret your vision. Near the end of each phase of the project, CGLS conducts an internal, as well as external consultant coordination and review of progress drawings.

We carefully lead and monitor any required or desired changes to the construction documents occurring during the Bid/Negotiation/Permitting Phase to ensure that any change is documented in a complete and coordinated fashion. When all negotiations with the contractor are complete, all scope issues confirmed, and all necessary building permits obtained, we update and revise the construction documents to incorporate any modifications from the original bid/pricing drawings. These updated construction documents are then reprinted and reissued to the General Contractor "For Construction".